Dealing With Spills Are No Longer A Problem

Dealing will a spill can be very difficult. It could be a solvent paint, machine oil, or a hazardous chemical. Is the correct equipment readily on-hand? What is the best way of dealing with each of these different spills? There are solutions available, and spill kits are one of them.

Legal Requirements in Australia

Under the Environment Protection Act 1997, there is a legal obligation to reduce and try to eliminate the discharge of pollutants into the water, land and the air. This is known as the “duty of care” for the environment. This applies to large business entities, as well as private individuals.

Wheelie Bin Spill Kits

There is a unique and very practical solution for the ready supply of spill kits, which is to use a “wheelie bin”. As its name suggests, wheelie bins are basically bins with wheels. If there is a spillage or an accident then the wheelie bin can be quickly put into action. There are a variety of differentspill kits that can be used. Check out ABSORB ENVIRO

  • Absorb Organic Spill Kit: This is a general purpose spill kit. Using organic absorbents, this deals with solvent and water based paints, hydrocarbons and chemicals that are non-aggressive. It uses pads for most hydrocarbon spills, along with boons and absorbent granules for hydrocarbons and liquids that are water-based.
  • Absorb General Purpose Spill Kit: This is similar to the absorb organic spill kit..This kit is useful in factories and workshops. Again, this is best used with paints, either solvents or water-based, as well as hydrocarbons.
  • Absorb Oil-only Spill Kit: This is designed for use by one person. This kit is mostly used for hydrocarbons only, oil petrol, but not water. This could be used in factories or in a car maintenance garage.
  • Absorb Hazchem Spill Kit:.This is another spill kit that can be used by one person. This spill kit can deal with most spills. However, it has been specifically designed to be used with hazardous chemicals.
  • Absorb Marine Spill Kit: This is deigned to contain spills that might occur in water such as a marina. This kit contains floating boons and hydrocarbon pads. This kit should not be used with aggressive oxidizing agents and acids.

Spill Response Brisbane Products

There are a number of other spill response products available. First, let’s take a look at absorbents.

There are 7 different kinds of granular absorbents. These come in boxes and are desigtned to deal with regular drips and spills associated with maintenance and the occasional small leak.

The most common is the Absorb Vehicle Spill Kit General Purpose. This is a vehicle-based spill kit that uses general purpose pads and “gelling” boons. These are designed to absorb liquids such as water-based emulsion paints along with cleaning chemicals.

There are also “containment” products. There are “bunds”, which are dykes or barriers that can be transported to an oil tanker spillage on the road. Made from fabrics, these “bunds” are designed to contain the spillage.

Containment boons act like dams. These are made from durable polymer fabrics, making them  very durable. They can be used to contain hydrocarbons or large areas of sentiment in water courses.

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