Startup Company Requirements: Leasing the Perfect Commercial Office Space

There are big decisions that you will have to make when starting out a business. One major challenge that all entrepreneurs face is deciding on the ideal office space. This is because there are many pre-requisites to be considered. Although a realtor or a commercial office space Dandenong expert can show you a wide range of available spaces, there are still specific features and necessary amenities that you have to look out for. In this article, we are going to explore some of the top factors you need to consider when leasing an office space.

commercial office space Dandenong

An office is more than just a place where your clients can reach you. This is where your employees will be working on a daily basis and therefore, it should provide the perfect environment where your employees – no matter how big or small – can work comfortably.

In addition, the condition of your office boosts your clients’ confidence. It also builds trust and credibility, such that business prospects will be assured of your commitment to your company’s values, its mission, and its goals – making them want to work with you.

That being said, here are some things you should look out for in a professional office space Melbourne, Dandenong, Casey, or the wider Australian region:

  • Location – What most entrepreneurs don’t know about is that the location of business largely determines the traffic and the leads it will generate within a local area.

If you are reliant on walk-in customers, then you need to be within a high-traffic area – preferably the main street. Otherwise, if your business focuses more on online transactions, then you can look for one outside the CBD area.

  • Cost – You obviously cannot occupy an office for lease Dandenong area if you cannot afford to pay for it. Make sure to spend within your means and consult an expert for the best office that you can afford.
  • Condition of the Building – This is equally important as you would need a professional outlook to please your prospects, improving their confidence and trust in dealing with you.
  • Office Space – Most commercial office space Dandenong or any other place, for that matter, are measured in square footage. Determine how much space you would need by checking the number of employees you have, how many cubicles and rooms you require, what office equipments and appliances you need. This will help you determine what work space is required.
  • Basic Amenities – You cannot afford to go without basic amenities such as bathroom, parking space, waiting area, telephone/network cables, air-conditioning, etc.
  • Safety Features – The ideal commercial office space should provide sufficient security for you, your business, your employees, and your clients. The building should also be guarded always – along with security cameras, smoke detectors, and safe emergency exits amongst other things.

Other requirements may include conference facilities, break areas, kitchen, private offices, and storage space.

In conclusion, these are just some of the things you need to consider when searching for a professional commercial office space in Dandenong, Casey, Melbourne, or other areas in Australia.

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Things One Should Avoid During the Installation of Artificial Turf

Most people today prefer installing artificial turf because its maintenance requirements are low and it’s easy to install. Although artificial grass is popularly found on sport fields, most homeowners are doing everything possible to have them in their home yards. Artificial grass is made from different synthetic fibers and one may not easily differentiate it from the natural grass especially from a distance. However, most people especially the first timers make several mistakes when installing fake grass for lawns at green print.

Poor drainage

Drainage requirements differ in different areas depending on the amount of rain the area receives and its climate. One should expect soggy turf if they don’t utilize a perfect drainage method for their fake grass for lawns at green print. In fact, the problems that poor drainage causes are not just aesthetic-related. When there are no escape ways for water, you may end up with a slimy, rot and mold feeling turf. Research on the most appropriate aggregates you should use as a base area for your turf. Moisture is one of the elements you should bear in mind when buying base materials for your synthetic turf.

Poor planning

Poor planning during installation is one of the costliest mistakes those installing synthetic turf in their homes can make. Those planning to install synthetic turf assemble tools such as quick dry adhesive, sand, pipe cutters, shovels, rakes, bristle-brooms and crushed aggregate early enough. Most manufacturers guide buyers on the right materials to use when installing different brands. If you don’t take time to read through the guidelines that the manufacturers give, you may miss one or two of the crucial materials needed during installation. Purchasing the wrong materials or having to repeat some steps is stressful, time-consuming as well as expensive.

Multiple purchases

Although installing synthetic turf all at once is what most homebuyers want to do, it’s advisable to install it in sections. This doesn’t imply that you should buy the turf in sections only when you need to install them since it may cost you more in the long run. However, you should purchase all the turf at once, but install them in bits. Failure to do this may lead to color variance in between the turf batches you have. While one may argue that the color difference may not be evident during installation, it may be clearly noticeable later.


There are safety considerations you need to put in place when installing aesthetic grass. One needs to first know the main purpose of having the synthetic turf in their yard. Although one may not experience constant injuries while playing sports on the synthetic grass, temperature fluctuations may be severe on the artificial turf than on the natural grass. What this means is that the temperature on this turf can exceed that on the natural grass by about 60 degrees. This would make it hard for your playful kids and pets to enjoy playing on a sun-blazing day. The chemicals the artificial turf releases when it’s extremely hot may cause health problems.

It’s therefore important to know everything about artificial turf installation before you invest in it. Take time to know the installation design suitable for the fake grass for lawns at green print and other requirements that have to be there. With good planning and design work, you can enjoy having a synthetic turf in your yard and maintaining it would not be a problem.

An Office Chair for every use

Office chairs are a really important feature in any modern office. People may have to sit on them for long periods. They have to be comfortable. They need to be ergonomically designed. This is to prevent back aches and neck aches developing. They have to be functional. They may have to be adjustable and to be moved around. An office chair has to fit into the office environment. Offices’ chairs also have to look good. They help to set the “tone” in an office. A range of very good chairs are available if you are looking for office chairs New Zealand shops today offer.

There are three main types of office chairs New Zealand stores can supply. These are “executive”, “task chairs” and “architectural”.

Executive Office Chairs

Here are some examples of what is available.

  • Ergohuman Elite Chair: This chair is specifically designed sitting down for long periods of time. It has a head rest. There is constant support for the lumbar and back areas of the body. A mesh covering that comes in either green, red or black. It has a leg rest, and a laptop or tablet arm. This can be swung around to allow work to be undertaken from the chair.
  • Genidia Chair: A lot of thought and work has gone into the ergonomic design of this chair. There is a single lever. This controls seat depth as well as back and lumbar support. A “seating position” warning device can also be added. This chair has either a black mesh finish or a leather finish. It has a polished aluminum frame base.

Task Chairs

  • Vee Chair: This is a swivel chair. An excellent chair for meetings or a busy office. Best used for periods of up to 4 hours. There is a shaped back which gives good support along with a tilt adjustment system.
  • Halsey Chair: A classic piece of office furniture. Again, very good ergonomic design is an important feature in the planning of this chair. It has adjustable lumber support, a seat slide and adjustable arms.
  • McCaw Chair: This is a general purpose office chair. Ideal for administration, computer use, and for use in schools and colleges. It should only be used for periods of up to 4 hours.

Architectural Chairs

These chairs are designed as “high chairs” to allow the reach needed in architectural work. They allow for both sitting and standing at a desk.

  • Chorus High Chair: This uses a standard system for gaining height. It can be used either in the mid range or as a “high” chair. This chair has an upholstered finish along with an alloy base. It uses either a two or three lever system.
  • Swatch High Chair: A very reasonably priced chair with a strong emphasis on ergonomic design. It has a two lever system. It has a gas high lifting device along with a foot ring. It can be upholstered in vinyl or fabric.
  • Media High Chair: This chair has a gas system to enable a higher lift. This has a secure alloy base and an upholstered fabric finish.

Therefore, reliable office chairs New Zealand has are solutions to all these problems.

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