Follow These Tips to Hire a Great Property Manager

If you have had your foot in the property-selling corner of the real estate market, then you know that selling a property is no mean feat. It even becomes more complicated when you have multiple properties to rent out. While it can be a lucrative investment, you have to play your part by providing care and maintenance of the properties. You can lessen the load by hiring reliable property management experts. For instance, in Brisbane, you can consult Metrocity expert property management brokers.

In order to find a great property manager, you should have various qualities in mind, which you can use to filter the providers. Here are five areas that you need to focus on, if you want a reliable providers such as Metrocity expert property management brokers.

Valid license

A valid license shows that your preferred property manager is qualified to perform the job. The person must have taken the necessary property management courses and acquired a state licensing exam. It also shows that the person has the ability to handle rental revenues, security deposits, and overall management of the property.

Samples of previous work

By looking at the physical properties that they have managed previously, you can tell whether the manager is capable of handling your properties. It is advisable to look at the samples of their previous and ongoing projects. If the properties look well maintained and you would like to live in them, then the person qualifies.

Consider the rate of eviction

It is advisable to find out from your preferred property manager about their eviction rate. If the rate is high, they may not be screening the applicants properly. It is important that all incoming tenants pass a basic screening such as credit check. It is also important to obtain references from previous property owners.

 Consider Maintenance Procedures

At the time of recruiting, you should find out how your preferred candidate deals with repair and maintenance issues in the current properties. Each property manager has his or her own way of managing repairs and maintenance, from holding maintenance reserve from the tenant’s monthly income, to direct billing as the issues arise. Make your wishes known on how you want the issues handled in your property.

Communication is important

Finally yet importantly, it is important to maintain a clear communication between you and your preferred candidate. Talk about timeframes, collection of receipts, and accounting procedures. Clear communication will help you know why and where your money is being spent.

In addition, you should have a written document that can help you to review all the aspects of property management. If possible, the document should have a termination clause. If you feel you want replace your manager, you should do this through a predefined exit that both of you can agree on.

Besides, it is advisable to consult reliable companies that offer property management services, such as Metrocity expert property management brokers in Brisbane. Such companies often offer the services you may want, when it comes to property management, selling, or buying of properties. For more information about Brisbane property management companies, visit

Post Author: Adam Henry